The world is rapidly changing due to the increase in globalization, international trade, and technological breakthroughs. That being said, not all countries are experiencing the same level of growth, development, and prosperity as they once enjoyed. That being said, Turkey happens to be one of the countries that has continued to grow exponentially as a result of local and global developments. This increasing rate of improvement has led to an influx of foreign investment as well as companies seeking to establish a presence in this historically lucrative market.

Here at IstanbulCPA, profiles of clients that we serve vary from multinational conglomerates, SME’s, startups, to local organizations seeking expert assistance. Our consulting services are aimed at supporting the activities of our clients in a variety of value adding ways. The services offered by IstanbulCPA can encompass everything from company establishment procedures, to legal consulting and continuous tracking of the regulatory environment, which helps our clients be aware of the need-to-know developments which have a direct impact on them. As a CPA firm, we also provide in depth services in the area of finance and fiscal guidance which aid clients in attaining their desired return on investment.

Following the establishment of your business, operational processes such as accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, and employee registrations require a deep level of experience in their respective fields due to the ever-changing nature of Turkish regulations. As the regulations are starting to be altered to necessarily require the taxpaying and bookkeeping entities to keep their records bound to IFRS rather than GAAP System for transparency and clarity purposes, the need for proper accounting and internal audit assistance is growing.   

Our team of experienced and highly qualified CPA’s who handle all accounting and tax related needs will help you avoid costly pitfalls by reducing risks, ensuring compliance, dealing with the tax authority, and managing all local accounting needs. Furthermore, our audit consultants have an in depth knowledge of both internal and external audits, they can provide you with the tools and know how to effectively manage all auditing needs.

One of the many support services that IstanbulCPA offers is related to foreign employees and the obtaining of work permits. It is common for foreign companies to bring in staff from abroad, but what these companies often fail to anticipate is the strictness of Turkish Labor law and the requirements that it sets forth in such cases. For example, law number 4815 and the article 3 of law number 5683 state that prior to the employment start date and within 30 days of the employee arriving in Turkey, they must obtain a work permit. Our consultants assist our clients in avoiding delays in the process of obtaining work permits by advising during the preparation of applications, following up on them, and even carrying out the entire process on behalf of the client.

IstanbulCPA is always at the ready with its knowledgeable staff and highly developed processes which enable our clients to realize growth, improve their own processes, and reduce risks. After performing a needs analysis and devising a clear strategy, we take a collaborative approach to consulting and outsourcing in a manner that is sure to boost your company’s chances at success.

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